Providing Property Inventory Reports for Clients throughout Central London

Receive a professionally compiled property inventory report from our specialists. Serving clients throughout Central London and the surrounding area, we tailor each report to your requirements, matching recognised industry standards as we do so. Both detailed narrative descriptions and digital colour photography are used on all reports, which improves their legitimacy and usefulness. We visit each rental property and undertake a full Inventory inspection, itemising the fixtures, fittings, contents, and the condition of the property at that time. This includes any furniture, if applicable.

Check-In Reports

At check-in, we arrange to meet your tenant at the rental property. This is completed on or before the start of their tenancy. We go through the inventory report with them, and obtain their signature. Our team will also, where possible, take the meter readings and agree them with your tenant. As well as this, we list and hand over the property’s keys should you require us to do so.

Interim Reports

When a property is let, it is beneficial to both the landlord and the tenant to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Effective communication is very important, and any issues relating to the property need to be resolved, not only quickly, but also in a way that is fair to both parties.

Both landlords and tenants can benefit from our interim reports service. This is available once a tenancy is underway, at an appropriate interval to suit your requirements. An interim report details any changes in the condition of the property’s fixtures and fittings. This alerts landlords to any damage that may have occurred due to faulty equipment, such as a leaky washing machine or perhaps, a possible mistreatment of furniture or carpets.

An interim report alerts both landlords and tenants to any potential liabilities that they may be responsible for. By dealing with these early on, both parties take the necessary steps to resolve matters to avoid unexpected and costly problems, which may become worse during the remainder of the tenancy.

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Check-Out Reports

At check-out, we visit the rental property at the end of the tenancy, either with or without the tenant present. The property is inspected throughout, and a note is made of any differences between the present condition of the property, and that described on the inventory report, which was compiled before the start of the tenancy.

The check-out report is then compiled, and includes specific details about the general condition and cleanliness of the property. We also note any items that are now broken, damaged, or missing from the property.

Where possible, we take the meter readings, and if the tenant is present, we accept the return of the property’s keys on behalf of the agent/landlord. The check-out report is then sent to the agent/landlord within 48 hours via email.