Book a Tailored Inventory Report

Please contact us to make a booking. There are several things that you should consider before doing so, and we’re happy to answer your questions before you decide.

Things to Consider

Before booking an inventory report, it is vital that you prepare your property. Cleaning, decorating, and other work should be completed before the inventory is compiled. As well as this, all furniture that is present in the tenancy should be included, and by law, must meet the current applicable Fire Safety Regulations.
The property - alongside any other items that you are including - needs to be in the condition that the tenant will receive them. If this is done, you benefit from a detailed, and most importantly accurate, inventory report.

Check-Out Reports

When booking a check-out report, the tenant must have moved out of the property with all their belongings. All cleaning, required under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, must have been completed prior to the time we are due to visit the property.

To compile a check-out report, we need an original copy of a professionally produced inventory report, which was signed by the tenant at the start of their tenancy.

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